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Kitchener, ON

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reply to dbv

Re: VOIP providers in Ontario?

For what it's worth, I'm with Vonage and haven't had an issue to speak of in a loooooong time. The only "issue" I had at first had to do with my internet connection. Once I got the issue with the packet size sorted out, I haven't had a problem re-appear.

To my understanding, there is a certain issue with the current Vonage ATA that they release, however the older V-Portal for example has been problem free from the very start. I've also found their rates and services to be quite competitive compared to some other providers.

(EDIT: I forgot to mention... It works GREAT on TekSavvy Cable and TekSavvy DSL as well)

(EDIT: BEWARE of Vonage if you're planning on using multiple IP addresses. Apparently, there is NO way in which to DISABLE the NAT on Vonage adapters, which means you CANNOT use a Vonage device as a router for the purposes of using multiple IP addresses. They just won't support it.)