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Peoria, AZ
reply to BryanInPHX

Re: [AZ] Speed Increase 01/31/13

I have ultimate and since the speed upgrade my speed has been all over the place. Per Cox's speed test, my speeds have ranged from 70 Mbps to 165Mbps based primarily on time of day.
The slower times are during the evening which is more prime time and is what you would expect if it were slower based on congestion. Previous to the speed increase, my speeds were fairly consistant regardless of what time it was.

Is anyone else on ultimate seeing this pattern? Is it more due to neighborhood congestion or Cox network congestion? I'm guessing that some could be due to more usage right now as everyone tries out the new speeds and should normalize once the newness wears off. I don't know if I should call tech or just wait and see what happens.


i called cox and the techs tier 2, say I have the proper config file everything looks normal. but im not getting the priemier new speed 50 mbps. could it be a firmware issue config file im using is 115001_vm2.0_d.cfg and the firmware is SW Version on a Zoom 5341 modem.. there gonna send a tech out tomarrow. any advise would be appreciated thanks.


Are you in Tucson?