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Las Vegas, NV

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Re: [ALL] Cox Annual Speed Upgrade

Well, we can pretty much all agreed that back in 2011 we were all getting much faster speeds due to "boost" than we are today with the new upgrades (+ boost). For premier, with boost, we are all getting around 60 something mbps with and avg speed drop down to about 40. Going back to 2011, we boosted as far as 90-140mbps...given we dropped to 20 after boost. So two years ago we had better bursts than we have today as it's only been capped since then, showing how well they specialize at taking a lot and giving back just a little and calling it an upgrade. I feel like they are assume the general public have the brain power of a small child.

Because of this, starting this year I have been lobbying companies to increase their interest in expanding to the Las Vegas community to offer faster service at a better price. I've been getting mixed results, but within those mixed exist major companies with a lot of features who do show interest in competing. So we need more people to rise up and write, call and email these companies (first researching online the proper names to contact to avoid the chain of communication chaos) so that they know Vegas welcomes the idea of a fair competitive system.

I'm on the ultimate $75/month for 6 months deal and so far the only thing that has been able to max out the 150mb speed is downloading from a newsgroup. Most sites can't/won't serve faster than 6-7MB. I don't really need the upload and will probably go back to premier when my trial is up.