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Scarborough, ON
reply to rogersmogers

Re: Rogers Upgrade to iPhone 5

said by rogersmogers :

said by yyzlhr:

said by Denise HT:

"As for the OP, I'd return the phone anyways and once they receive it, I'd call back and give them and give them an ultimatum and ask them to price match or you'll leave."

I did not know until the Best Buy CSR told me. Did you know that if you have more than 30 minutes talk time on your phone, they'll penalize you for THAT as well, when you return your phone? I was up to 28 minutes: he asked the CSR before he handed the phone over to me.

However, I know for Rogers, they don't enforce the 30 minute limit for telesale purhcases even though they tell you they will.

This is incorrect. They do enfore the 30mins for all sales.

Not for telesales as the cannot effectively track which device incurred the usage. Customers are to be told that it will be enforced, but if you send a phone back within 15 days with more than 30 minutes of usage it will be accepted as a valid return.