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Warren, MI

Ultra Arris - HDMI Splitter & Remote IR

I would like to feed two HDTVs from a single Arris media player. I know there are HDMI splitters out there, but not sure if they are all created equal. The two TVs are on opposite sides of the same wall, so running cables is not a big deal.

The living room player currently feeds a HDMI receiver. I would like to split the HDMI before the receiver and have it feed the bedroom TV also. Has anyone tried a splitter that will show the same feed on both TVs simultaneously?

I would also need an IR receiver in the bedroom. I have one that came with a Comcast box, but it would not work when plugged into the IR jack on the Arris player. Do I need a special IR receiver, or is the port disabled in some way?

Thanks for any advice.


Naperville, IL
The best solution would really be to get another box. They're only $8 now.

Body Count

Columbus, OH
reply to tev9999
I've seen HDMI switch boxes sold on

» ··· format=2

Most everything I've bought on monoprice has been quality stuff. Sure it's all china made but it's good china made.

reply to tev9999
You could also feed the tv closes to the arris using component cable and then use HDMI to the furthest tv.
I use the X10 pirmid IR repeater.


reply to tev9999
If you looking for good quality HDMI Splitter and HDMI Switch solutions I would recommend checking KVMSwitchTech. I have used some of their splitter solutions in the past for installations and they work great.


Clinton Township, MI
reply to tev9999
I've got what I call a combo gaming area and home theater nightmare will I got this: » ··· 295.aspx

Have one run (35ft hdmi cable) to my overhead projector and the rest goes to a PS3, Dish DVR and Xbox 360 and ROKU, but I also had to run it through my bose system too, so I get a little freaky when I see the kids screwing around the the cables (long story).

Anyway, I can watch 1 device on the 42inch tv and/or the projector. Or I can watch any of the connected media devices on either of the units. The ONLY drawback for sound is anything on SIDE B goes through the BOSE. Anything feeding through side A is direct to the TV.

The device is priced well but they make some more expensive ones that amplify the signal. I have found as long as don't buy cheapazz cables, you won't have signal drop outs (or searching for device as the TV likes to say). Found this out the hard way. No more $2 HDMI cables for me . I've had this set up now for 3 years and it works fine.


Warren, MI
reply to dfs
Not sure why I didn't think of using the component output. I did discover a monoprice HDMI splitter I bought a couple years ago and forgot about. I hooked it up and it is working fine. It is actually nice to not have the audio delay if I am moving between rooms doing chores.

Now I just need to work out the IR part.

Thanks for the input.


Warren, MI
I picked up a HDMI remote extender from Monoprice.

» ··· format=2

I am able to pass IR for my AV receiver, Blu Ray Player and TV, but it will not pass signals for the Arris gateway. Are Arris/Wow somehow messing with IR signals to prevent use of extenders?

Yea they go out of there way to make sure you cant use them. kinda silly when you read it to yourself eh?? lol

reply to tev9999
I use the X10 powermid on one of my ultra media players and it works good. Paid around 32.00 for it i think

And i do think some of the newer equipment is using different type IR signals.


Warren, MI
The Powermid was $60+ everywhere I saw it. I ended up getting a wired extender from Monoprice that is working fine. » ··· format=2

It ended up being about $25 shipped since I needed an audio cable extension.

This one also looked interesting since it is USB powered and dual band. It does not look like the cable length could be extended so I didn't order it, but for anyone that does not need to go as far, it would help eliminate a wall wart to power the wired extender. I don't believe that the USB ports on the media players are enabled for data, but they do work for power - I charge my cell phone from them at times. » ··· ter.html