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reply to Irish Shark

Re: [CenturyTel] Intermittent loss of DSL connection with GT-701

said by Irish Shark:

I think we have a winner!

Sorry Irish, can you at least spell out what you mean by that? I already know where the support pages are.

Irish Shark
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Las Vegas, NV

OS X (or related items) is not playing nicely with the Windows software.

Your comment that it worked just dandy when she was in India was the clue.

This might be the issue. If she is using Safari or Firefox, Java must be enabled. Apple is blocking Java on the browsers. She can use Java 7 Update 11.

If that does not do it, a couple of years back there was a problem with that gateway and OS X on Quest. They came out with a patch to fix it.

If those come up dry, you will need to contact CL or Actiontec to see if there is a fix.

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