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Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL
reply to Kommie

Re: This looks like it is justified.

said by Kommie:

said by Network Guy:

Makes me laugh that the workers are making it seem like they were merely wanting answers and were innocently waiting for them during work time when they're supposed to be out there handling dispatches and trouble tickets.

Yet, this same union had no problem filing a lawsuit alleging intentional subpar service in Brooklyn without first maybe working with management on improving that, if that were really true.

It's bratty double standards with a funny sense of indignation at its best.

The workers want a contract. They have been waiting for a contract for a year now. Sometimes workers have to fight back against the employer to get the message through. More power to them. Wildcat strikes should not be illegal and the Taft Hartley Act should be revoked.

They should only strike when the union democracy votes to have a strike.

You dont want rouge union members striking when the majority of the union members do not want a strike.