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New York, NY

This reminds me

of when, the corrupt Mayor Boss Tweed killed any thoughts on having the new york city subway built, accept it is the corporations & the shills in congress, that are the Boss Tweeds of our day. I wish more people in this country would realize these facts. This way of doing business should be totally unacceptable. Corporations should not be allowed to kill competing technologies because, they themselves cannot not compete, period. Because just as sure as there "will be another ice age" innovations will move forward.

Squire James

I don't believe the government should be so powerful that they can stop this kind of thing. Remove the snakes, and then all we need to deal with are alligators. They're a lot easier to see and stop than the snakes.


Trouble is, in many situations government is the only effective mechanism for collective action.

If the government is rendered powerless when it comes to determining the allowable uses of the public airwaves, how do you propose we achieve the same ends? By outbidding the vested interests?