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Re: internet option for rural j5m 1h2

NEVER EVER EVER use cell technology (ie 3G, 4G HSPA+) to replace other terrestrial wireless Internet unless you are a MOBILE user. Why? The bandwidth caps are SMALL and the overage rates are EXHORBITANT!

The so-called "rural packages" that the incumbents offer look enticing because of the appearance of being competively priced with urban service offerings. None of the cell carriers offer bandwidth caps anywhere close to what a real WISP will offer. As proof, look at this comparison chart from Niagara's Neighbourhood Wireless. You will see that the major cellcos offer no more than 20G bandwidth/mo and they charge been $10-20/GIG for overage when ISPS typically offer bandwidth caps starting at 30G and overage rates of about 50cents/GIG.

Also, do not choose satellite unless there are no other terrestrial options available. It is a relatively expensive option because of very inconsistent speeds especially when there is serious inclement weather. (ie heavy snow, rain).

If you can find a WISP that uses Motorola Canopy or WIMAX, go for it!