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Ballston Spa, NY
reply to liquoranne

Re: Program disabler/Performance booster

The best solution is to prevent anything that runs in the background from starting at all.

Most likely the heaviest processing power app would be your antivirus or spyware. You may wish to only disable this temporarily while playing WoW. An alternative would be to set it to limit the processing power used.

Microsoft Security Essentials can be set to limit the CPU cycles for example. Plus it is lightweight to start with (and free).

For other applications you can use Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del) to see what is running (Applications tab) and sort by processing cycles (Processes, click on CPU to rank). Anything that is actually using cycles will be listed.

If you see something using cycles you may wish to see if that is an app that you really need running. If not, disable or uninstall it.

There are "gaming mode" utilities that you could run that do what you want more or less but I am not sure how trustworthy they are.

Another possible WoW tweak would be to check for addons that are erroring or using excessive memory.

Removing temp files (CCleaner is a good app for this) and defragging the hard drive can help improve boot and game load time also.