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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to BulldogzRUs

Re: [Northeast] spare Actiontec use?

I have my ONT ethernet setup. You have to do separation of duties if this is going to work properly.

Out of the ONT I have, video/Moca LAN and IP/ethernet (internet as it were only).

So I use a cisco router (commercial) which plugs into the ONT/ethernet. INTERNET ONLY. You can plug your actiontec (spare one) in to do this, but DONT plug any coax in unless you know what you are doing. You can also use the wifi, just put it on a different channel as to not disturb your wireless N. Also, plug the actiontec into the WAN port, and then the LAN ports can go to other IP devices in the house.

Theoretically you can use the Moca port, but that is not easy, so I would KISS.

Now your NEW Actiontec will have active ethernet ports (LAN) and the Moca LAN signal which you want split out for the video feeds for the boxes. One of the LAN ports must feed into the actiontec/router so the moca traffic can talk to the headend.

If you want to keep the NEW box as the main router, then do the opposite.

You can also keep using the NEW box under Moca (it will use WAN Moca), and you can use the old box as a moca/LAN node or just as a gateway for wireless (again use different channel). You will need to disable a lot of services, DNS, DHCP, firewall, filtering, proxy so it just behaves like a wireless extender.

I HTH, there are many ways you can slice this. The easiest way to use the secondary is to treat is as a wireless extender, and you will need to uplink it to the main actiontec via moca LAN or Ethernet LAN and continue to use the new Actiontec/MocaWAN and you should be OK.

We use ours when our two pre teen boys visit the grandparents. Both sets of grandparents have internet service ( cox and comcast) and both refuse to have a wireless router connected full time. The actiontec works fine in providing a wireless signal for the xbox live and their ipads.