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Re: No Evidence

While I think there are many other concerns to worry about (I have lots of friends who live in Ontario and they have no idea of what they are talking about), there are probably other high-priority items to worry about.

My concern follows that w/ LTE advanced and all these new MIMO technologies brewing and focused beams (beamforming), you cell phone is going to become a radio station, and that is when things get interesting w/ orthogonal waves. I know a lot of guys who spent time in front of microwave and radar who have bit the bucket before they were 40 from the big C.

Not far from where I live, there are known cancer clusters in the Buffalo area from the times when "healthy" chemicals weren't all so healthy.

The question is one of cost as it is like always. It's isn't very costly to run Cat cable into a classroom just to be safe. My kids school did it. But I laugh when I see old Asbestos pipe still running around. When I was a kid we used to take the pipe insulation (aka asbestos) and throw it up and let it come down. Now atomizing a lung carcinogen wasn't too swift, the question is if POSSIBLY all these transmitters were are putting on our bodies will come to pass being an issue in 30 years?

Nobody knows why Cancer is happening in higher rates than ever before. Yes we live longer... Well it's because we are swimming in man made chemicals most likely but I can't prove that.

Ask those in China living in air polluted 200x higher than recommended in 30 years how that worked out.


When you have a party (TEAGOP) that has voted over 84+ times to limit or even kill the EPA, what do you expect.

Boggles the mind that anyone with an IQ higher than a rock, regardless of political views, would be against clean air, clean water, as well as clean, sustainable, and ethical food sources.

Moreover, doesn't see a problem with a businesses dumping waste in the waterways, for example, to save a dime.