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Glen Burnie, MD
reply to justsomeguy

Re: haters will be haters

said by justsomeguy :

The union / non-union fight here is old. I used to become embroiled in it here - but arguing with people that never even held a union card is an exercise in futility.

Politicians work for big business, big business looks out for its owners and the owners are the richest in America. Do you honestly believe any of those groups give a flying you-know-what about anyone other than themselves? Unions are the single largest pro-labor group. They represent the views regarding working conditions that most middle class workers (both union and non-union alike) would agree upon. Yet, state after state - union organizing and negotiations are being curtailed or prohibited. Union membership dropped 400,000 last year alone. When unions are gone, who will stand up for the working middle class against corporate America?

When unions start contract negotiations by slamming a gun on the table, you know something is wrong. My mother (a union supporter even though she was management) witnessed this first hand back in the 70's. She had to stay at a chemical plant (where she worked) for 5 days to make sure the reactions kept going (or else the plant would have to shut down for a month) just because the union walked out and nearly caused the plant to explode.

The unions killed themselves while they looked after themselves and not for the consumer or for the company they worked for. Quality? Screw that, we want higher pay for quality. American cars of the 70's and 80's are a perfect example of that.