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Ferrous Phallus

Southfield, MI

I run Cable at my house when I can

Considering that cell phones are enormously more powerful that wifi I call bogus on this. Well not exactly. Let me say that if wifi is a problem, cell phones are a catastrophe. Just imagine the power difference between going 100' vs. going 1/2 mile.

I'm not at all comfortable with something just because I cant see or touch it. I run cat5 over wifi at my house. for the next few years I won't because I am renting, but soon enough I will be back on the cable. Its an unnecessary risk.
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Springfield, MO

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wifi an cell phone got nothing on the Sun
ever get a sunburn? thats really a radiation burn

the effects of man made non-ionizing radiation have NOTHING on the amount of ionizing radiation we get just going out side on a clear day or flying on a plane

you get a bigger dose of radiation from one round of medical imaging then youll get from wi-fi, TV, Radio, Satellite and cell phones over your whole life

and yes if your worried about wi-fi did you know your getting more Ghz range EMF from satellites every time you go out your front door?

IF wi-fi is threat then so are EVERY communications sat that uses any thing from L to Ka band


reply to dnoyeB
The only reason anyone needs to run cable instead of using Wi-Fi is when you absolutely need an uninterrupted connection with low latency such as for gaming or VOIP/Skype.

For everything else such as Web surfing, email, YouTube and Netflix streaming, Wi-Fi will work perfectly fine with no added health risks.

Cable however can be EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS, especially if you don't install it properly and someone trips over it.
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Looking at the bigger picture
reply to elios
Actually, the UVB that causes sunburn is also non-ionizing. The boundary between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation is well in the UVC area which is filtered out of sunlight by the atmosphere. Sunburn is one example of direct DNA damage by non-ionizing radiation. There are studies that show cell phone radiation also has an effect on DNA (although obviously not as severe).


Westwood, CA
reply to milnoc
I have a wireless ISP. My internet access arrives in the house via a CAT-% cable from the external antenna/modem/router. As it comes into the house it is directly connected to a powerful wireless access point, thus, the house is online 24/7. All computer activity, nedia activity, VoIP communications, TV and audio activity is available anywhere within the house (or actually the block that I live on) in a wireless configuration. My wireless ISP is not sattelite provided. I am within the "footprint" provided by microwave dishes mounted atop Mt Dyer; a mountain that is within a few miles of my residence. My ISP uses no caps or thottling where my access is concerned. Due to the "footprint" involved, this whole town is a healthy wireless hot spot. THAT is the way that it should be... everywhere.