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Brooklyn, NY
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reality, THEY OWN YOU!!

there are some companies that are run better without a union. what workers rarely understand is these companies are not LONG TERM EMPLOYEMENT jobs!! you don't come out of highschool or college and expect to be at them, they are stepping stones and career path waystations to better jobs while you gain experience and references. you hang out there too long and you begin thinking this is my permanent livelihood.. well, guess what? realtiy check! it is not!

nothing better can say it than the guy who didn't want to climb a pole at night to do an install and it got rescheduled costing the company more money.

that said, the input / output ratio is correlated to worker pay.. pay minimum wage and that's what you'll get out.. minimum effort. unions can't help the lowest of the low end, because frankly, if you're making minimum-- it's not likely you'll gain with a union because the salary would go up, you pay higher taxes AND you pay union dues, blam, your now NETTING BELOW minimum wage.. happy now?

multiply this over several jobs: bus drivers, teachers, construction workers, etc. most major service industries have this lowest common denominator based on the millions of people who work there. any fantasy that once prestigious jobs are anything else than slave wage [read; dead end] jobs with no job security is not living in reality.

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What about MANGLEMENT??

The fact is that today you don't see many (if any) top executives EVER willing to personally SACRIFICE ANYTHING to "
lead their organizations by example.

Why are the rank and file (union or not) supposed to suffer any and ALL insults and injustices when you've got MANY top executives and CEOs being paid a king's ransom even when they don't perform and many times are central to the damage of a company.

If employees have to sacrifice then so too should the manglement....ESPECIALLY "the executive" management when there are financial hardships at that organization.

I sick to death of hearing about completely incompetent CEOs and other executive manglement raking in tens of millions even HUNDREDS of millions in perks and salaries when they not only don't tread water but when the company is failing miserably ....



What a crock

They fire these guys for wanting to talk to someone? They have an a so called open door policy??

A thought a strike is when they are outside refusing to work

Not in the morning when everyone is getting their stuff together, etc

I bet you countless times they have sat around waiting for work to be redistributed, etc

Cablevisin was just itching for an excuse....

Purcellville, VA
Were the ones who were fired working an hourly job? If so, I cannot blame the company for wanting 60 minutes of work from them during each hour they're on the clock.

Now, if they were sitting there during their lunch break or some other designated break time, then we have a different story. But something leads me to believe that this wasn't the case.