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Newburgh, NY
reply to Bill Neilson

Re: Why some people can't seem to take a

said by Bill Neilson:

And I would argue that Corporations have become more greedy and corrupt today.

No argument there, and Government and People, the entire country. Everything is "all about ME". No One wants to work, to build things together and all share in the result. Amerika has become a land of unrealistic expectations, expecting EVERYTHING to go up and up endlessly. Everyone wants to cheat and scam and connive their way to the top, to "get over". It's all about dollars and things... people don't matter any more, not even family. Well, "UP" is finite. About the only thing going UP now is our debt and even THAT will reach a plateau. We've squandered our wealth on toys and trinkets and our children and their children will pay dearly for it. In three short years, the Chinese are going to surpass us in wealth. They have a standing army which dwarfs ours and arguably the best equipped navy and air force in the world. Amerika will no longer be the big dog on the block. There's a whole new world coming, and it's not going to be pretty.
"when the people have suffered many abuses under the control of a totalitarian leader, they not only have the right but the duty to overthrow that government." - The U.S. Declaration of Independence