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Re: [ALL] Cox Annual Speed Upgrade

Not *so* true. Some servers, yes are horribly throttled for the same reasons ISPs do it (profit). However, anyone running off a fancy backbone (like most major corporations....Microsoft for one) can serve your information as fast as they want. I have picked up some wonderful speeds from MS, Amazon-hosted projects and the sort (some much higher than what we have today). I have one server I maintain for a mid-size company that is throttled at 25mbit/s per unique connection. There is plenty of room to increase that if needed but for the content in which the server is providing customers, it isn't necessary. If a company with control over such has any lower it's only a balance between total available bandwidth and how much traffic it can handle before it bottlenecks and causes problems.

There are a LOT of websites hosted with companies like Hostgator and BlueHost, and although their speed and features are great, they don't allow you to host sites that consume a LOT of bandwidth (ie major media-based sites, social networks and the sort). They do that by throttling your bandwidth to around 3-9mbps per unique visitor. For them though it's the cost vs benefits that win (they are much much more affordable than hosts that do provide what it needs for such).

Plus, the speed increase is for many many a reasons. Your connection isn't built upon the idea that you are using to it connect to "one" website at a time. My entire house is connected....from sensory to cameras to therms to tvs to bluray players to receivers to tablet to pcs to laptops to phones to video communication devices to gaming systems to to to to to to to to to to. So although one website doesn't give you much a benefit, the ability to connect everything you know to the internet...is. Soon we will have glasses and watches that interact with our networks and online. Hell, my smoke detectors are connected

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