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Sudbury, ON
reply to sbrook

Re: Voltage - still no cease and desist letter?

said by sbrook:

reminds me of American "made in Canada movies" ... in several scenes in the start of one movie, they removed images of the CN Tower when taken of the skyline from the Islands. Towards the end of the movie there were a couple scenes where they didn't even bother to maintain the illusion.

Then there was Short Circuit 2, where Ben got his US Citizenship (with American Flag flying proudly) on the steps of Queens Park!

...The only movie that makes me cry....although I frequented the "FUN AND GAMES" Amusement center in the movie back in my University days! Fun times....

...The reason why it makes me cry?...I dunno, when they (spoiler alert) bash up Johnny 5 and leave him for dead...

Although sbrook, for the record, at least in 1 part of the movie, Johnny 5 does say the correct street in it being "Lakeshore" aka Lakeshore Blvd. I try and give them credit for that lol.