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Non Conformist
Dayton, MD
·T-Mobile US
reply to Alcohol

Re: Windows 8's usage uptake falls further behind Vista's

said by Alcohol:

People are overreacting because it's different. It happens everywhere. Even on this forum when Justin used to make changes people would freak out.

Everyone that complaining about windows 8 has only seen it and not used it.

I'll admit i didn't like win8 at first but it's very adaptable. I just never go into metro after initial boot.

I actually use the Metro apps about 50-60% of the time. There are some good apps in the Microsoft app store that I use frequently like the Bing apps, a basketball shooting app and the Netflix app (though it is not as good as the one on android [for that matter many of the metro apps aren't as good as as they are on other tablet OS's]). Bad and non-existent apps may be the ultimate downfall of Windows 8.
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