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Purcellville, VA
reply to FFH5

Re: The anti-WiFi groups frauds; but targets are hypochondriacs

said by FFH5:

As the study states, there are groups that use anti-WiFi activism to rip people off. But they can do this because their targets are mentally unstable. Either hypochondriacs, paranoids who think gov't and industry is out to get them

(bolding mine)

The group in bold above aren't necessarily mentally unstable. All one needs to do is look around today to see concrete evidence of how the government wants to run and control lives, and is "out to get" us. Tracking bank transactions, requiring certain diseases to be reported to the CDC when lab tests come back positive, wanting to take away firearm ownership rights... it's all a sign of the things to come.

(OK, now back to my bunker with a brand new tin foil hat. )


Yes, like assign rape victims a 24/7 guard to make sure she doesn't have an abortion?

Sorry, but the gestapo you are looking for isn't who you think they are.