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Springfield, MO

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reply to dnoyeB

Re: I run Cable at my house when I can

wifi an cell phone got nothing on the Sun
ever get a sunburn? thats really a radiation burn

the effects of man made non-ionizing radiation have NOTHING on the amount of ionizing radiation we get just going out side on a clear day or flying on a plane

you get a bigger dose of radiation from one round of medical imaging then youll get from wi-fi, TV, Radio, Satellite and cell phones over your whole life

and yes if your worried about wi-fi did you know your getting more Ghz range EMF from satellites every time you go out your front door?

IF wi-fi is threat then so are EVERY communications sat that uses any thing from L to Ka band

Looking at the bigger picture
Actually, the UVB that causes sunburn is also non-ionizing. The boundary between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation is well in the UVC area which is filtered out of sunlight by the atmosphere. Sunburn is one example of direct DNA damage by non-ionizing radiation. There are studies that show cell phone radiation also has an effect on DNA (although obviously not as severe).