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Purcellville, VA
reply to Kommie

Re: This looks like it is justified.

said by Kommie:

The workers want a contract. They have been waiting for a contract for a year now.

That's the problem. They've been waiting, like little spoiled children, for a contract. If they were serious about having a contract and wanted it more than anything else in the world, they would've had one by now.

said by Kommie:

Sometimes workers have to fight back against the employer to get the message through.

Perhaps, but they also need to keep their fight to their own time. If a company has paid someone to work for an hour, then they owe the company 60 minutes of work, not 59. If these guys had no problem sitting around while on the clock, then the company should have no problem taking action in accordance to its own rules.

If their HR policies permitted the firing, and it was done within those guidelines, then these union members have learned a valuable and expensive lesson. (Well, hopefully they learned...)