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reply to SweetNoob

Re: Possible for malware to covertly hide on harddrive sector

said by SweetNoob :

is there anyway to wipe hidden sectors without using proprietary software?

Check what software is available for your hardrive from the manufacturer.
You should be safe if you re-install the MBR when re-installing windows.

said by Cartel:

Could that be dangerous for the drive?
I think some damaged sectors are remapped for a reason and sectors are reserved to replace damaged ones.

You would need to run a program if the OS install on that section of the disk before re-installing. The re-moving bad sectors option is just that, an option (usually reserved for pre-distruction).
Theoretically you could hide malware in a portion of disk that was re-mapped as damaged. Then use a MBR exploit that un-mapps it. It might just be possible.
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