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Grenada, MS

[General] Lag spikes

I do a lot of gaming and 2 of the online games i play I have been experiencing lag spikes like no tomorrow. One game is WOW and the other is WoT(World of Tanks). I have been noticing it on some web sites and the really weird part is when I try to trace rt to any website it really does not go thru.

Now during the lag spikes i look at my modem's log and I see this.

2013/02/04T16:42:48-06:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2013/02/04T16:42:56-06:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2013/02/04T16:48:53-06:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server
2013/02/04T16:49:01-06:00 | L3 | DNS: request timed out - (server

Is ATT having trouble with their dns servers or am I having line issues cause looking at my modem everything looks fairly good.
Now on the WOW forums people have been having issue as well. Some have trace it to a set of routers on the internet that belongs to ATT.

DSL Information
Line State Up
Modulation DMT
Data Path interleaved

To Modem To Internet
Data Rate (kbps) 8096 512
SNR Margin (dB) 9.5 13.0
Line Attenuation (dB) 6.5 6.5
Output power (dBm) 6.0 3.2
Loss of signal 0 0
Loss of frame 0 0
CRC Errors 8 4

ATM Information
VPI / VCI 8/35
In Octets 614733554
In Errors 0
In Unicast Packets 582019
In Non Unicast Packets 0
In Discard Packets 0

Out Octets 134206289
Out Errors 0
Out Unicast Packets 456329
Out Non Unicast Packets 0
Out Discard Packets 7737

PPPoE Information
Session Status: Up
Server MAC Address: 00:30:88:1b:e3:ac
Session ID: 6022

IP Information
Internet IP Address
Internet Gateway Address
Primary DNS Address
Primary DNS Name
Secondary DNS Address
Secondary DNS Name

IP interfaces
Address Netmask Name

Routing Table
Destination Netmask Gateway Interface
- - WAN vcc1

LAN Information
Modem IP Address
Modem Netmask
DHCP Address

Devices on LAN
IP Address MAC Address Name Status 2c:b0:5d:31:de:1c lostinms Active

Ethernet Information
MAC Address 74:56:12:fd:51:20

In Octets 605252438
In Errors 0
In Unicast Packets 582385
In Non Unicast Packets 2485
In Discard Packets 0

Out Octets 127514590
Out Errors 0
Out Unicast Packets 457010
Out Non Unicast Packets 1
Out Discard Packets 0


Salisbury, NC
I also have been experiencing the same problem you're having. I've had them out here, they tested lines and of course everything comes back fine. Gave me a new modem, same problem. Gaming is utterly impossible. I'm usually at 12mps...when lag comes i drop to around 1.8 mbs or lower.