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Android... get back here
Cleveland, OH
·AT&T U-Verse

What about those areas that don't have LTE?

There are several areas in my city (Cleveland, OH) that don't have LTE coverage and that my phone drops to 3G CDMA mode. Verizon says that my entire area has LTE coverage which is a big fat lie. If that were the case my phone would never drop to 3G CDMA.

Great, with those people only on the 3G CDMA network and the fact that my phone drops to 3G CDMA mode because there are so many areas of my city that don't have LTE coverage, my download speeds are going to be even worse than they already are on 3G CDMA. 3G CDMA is already a joke in my area, massively oversold and Verizon seems to have no interest in fixing the issue.

Oh well, five more months of Verizon Wireless hell and off to another carrier. Probably AT&T since T-Mobile is worse than Verizon, if that's even possible. Sprint? No... just no.
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