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Saint-Laurent, QC
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Re: Does Bell screws its reseller's customers?

'interleave', thanks! Don't know why I kept saying asynchronous...

1. I've been with Bell since the first installment of dsl, which was originally 3mbit/s. This is when I bought my dsl modem, and have been on 3mbit/s since then. When they increased the speed, which was years ago, as I said, I thought my modem was the issue, and that is why it couldn't handle >3M without interleave... Wasn't too upset and didn't want to buy a new modem for 1mb/s... But now, things change, and faster would be much better.. They're advertising 6mbps... I'm at 3...

2. 100% correct, I had 13-15ms ping before the 'upgrade', now they're up to 45-50ms.

3. Ok, I'll give it a go (might take a few mins to 'open' the router)

4. Velcom. So far the Bell ticket hasn't gone through their system so they have to wait that Bell sets the ticket to fixed... I'm supposed to call them back tomorrow, but the tech basically told me yeah sometimes they put customers in more distant Bell stations (term?), and yeah if 4M isn't stable they'd have to put me on interleave, call back tomorrow when the ticket is in so we know they're done working on your line.


Saint-Laurent, QC

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"3. Paste you modem stats. If you don't know how, do a search on this forum for your make/model modem, or write the make and model here and ask if anyone can help you pull the line stats."

Oh I thought you meant line quality test... Modem 1: GNet BB0050 (original), newer: alcatel speed touch home (like here) 8mpbs...

Aw I'd have to disconnect the router, connect directly to PC, etc.. Anyhow, I don't doubt I'm in a remote/distant Bell station, and that my line stats are crap and I can't go above 3mbps, the thing is that for a long time I wasn't, and Bell switched me when I was with a non-bell DSL ISP... When that happened, as I said, my ping to the 1st hop more than doubled; from 7-8ms to to 15ms... That's I believe when they moved my line or dsl card or whatnot...

We did that 'dance' once before, bell increasded the speed to 4mbps interleave, called when I realized pings went to hell, and it wouldn't work without interleave, so I told them I'd rather be at 3mbps with pings worth a damn than 4mbps with piss poor 33.6 modem pings... But as I said, I thought it might be the modem, which obviously it isn't.

Fact they moved me to a more distant Bell station explains everything, why the pings more than doubled for no reason, and why I can't get more than 3mbps...


Well if only ping changed, then all they did was likely change you from fast path to interleave.

Your line stats will show if you can make the move back to fast-path or not.

Your ISP should have been able to tell you this.

Anyhow if you're too lazy to check and post line stats, then call your ISP and ask if you are on "fast path". If not, tell them to put you on fast path. If they say your line can't support it, then I would again suggest you look at your line stats yourself to determine this.

There does exist 3-meg fast path. But your line stats will determine if you can get it.

Best to arm yourself with some knowledge and know your stats when dealing with any ISP.

I take it you want the better ping times for gaming, right? If not then I wouldn't bother.