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Gloucester, ON
reply to FireFlyFini

Re: [Cable] Peak hours SUPER slow!

Me to St. Laurent POI and I noticed it around Friday night and has been horrible all weekend. Streaming from YouTube or any other site takes 30 min for a 2 min clip. Pings in video games constantly going higher than normal by 100 to 200ms more. Downloading from newsgroups at dial up speeds. I just tried to load the app store on my ipad and it took 3 min to load. Something is very wrong I hope it gets sorted out soon.


Orleans, ON
Yep, same here. St. Laurent POI. I work from home and provide support so to the person that says 5Mb/s is fine. LOL. You try dealing with a pissed off Doctor (they get paid per appointment btw) when his medical records aren't working.