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[Line Problem] Uverse(ADSL2+) intermittent connectivity- several

Frequent connection loss requiring modem reboot/wait time with logs showing frequent DNS timeout (2210 modem)
OR (NVG510) all solid green/no blink OR all green with WiFi Setup light blinking red.

History after about 1 year on a 2210 modem with infrequent drops on Elite service at ~5.2 - 5.5Mb in September we kept losing connections. Tech replaced modem with the NVG510 which required a couple of restarts until late December when it repeatedly lost connectivity and displayed a red WiFi Setup light (not in the manual)

Jan 2 -4
After a tech visit suggested replacing NVG with older 2210.
2210 displays solid greens; no steady reliable connection.
Remote tech reports no problems from Texas to POE.
Best possible is 5.5Mb and watch for SNR below 6.

Jan 10
Replacement 2210 is received and installed. Even in small house, the accompanying Cisco E1000 is too weak to go through 30 feet. (Tech advised NVG is better)

Jan 21-23
Again showing loss of DNS and authentication failure..
Trouble reported and fixed on outside lines. Inside tech replaced the old carbon surge suppressor within the NID with a new gas type and again checked outside lines. Thinking problem may finally be solved, I placed the NVG510 into service.

Jan 29
11pm lost wireless signal . Broadband and service lights on steady; wireless Off. Rebooted NVG. Returned older 2210 to AT&T to avoid charges.

Feb1 evening
Connection down. All lights steady green. Reboot

Feb 2 evening
Connection down and WiFi Setup light flashing red

Feb 3 morning
Connection down again. Replaced NVG with 2210 and Cisco wireless router.

Will this ever get fixed??????