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Stonewall, MB
reply to ralliarv

Re: [MB] Shaw slow speeds broadband 50

Atleast you can go to that shaw speedtest and actually show slow speeds. I'll tell you whats worse, when your speed test on Shaw is just as it should be, but the rest of internet in the world is giving you like 3Mbps, nobody wants to help you at that point, they will all just tell you the same BS that they can only guarantee speeds on their network and nothing else, even though they are supposed to be an INTERNET PROVIDER, and you would think when they advertise speeds they would be talking about INTERNET speeds.



Dwonda: a someone with 10 years of professional experience in WANs, I'm going to have to break you a harsh truth. That isn't how it works. The Internet is a large interconnection of autonomous systems. Autonomous meaning the networks are run by independent organizations. An "AS" as we call them in the trade, can only manage and support the traffic on their own networks. Much like the postal system, once you hand a packet of data off to another carrier you cannot guarantee delivery or speed of delivery.

It would be unreasonable to ask an ISP to guarantee speed on someone else's network. They have no rights or responsibilities on that network. Usually ISPs do a process called "peering". Peering means that two peer AS's exchange data, usually without billing each other. There are no guarantees this network will deliver the data, or that it will be delivered in a fast or timely manner.

Keep in mind that the Internet protocols were designed to be self-healing in the case of nuclear attack. The Internet was designed for slow links, and to frequently drop packets. TCP actually causes a lot of packets to drop by its very design.

So: the Internet was not designed to be fast, or reliable. It was just designed to get data to the end point the best it can. No guarantees. If you don't like that, then you won't like a lot of decisions made by a lot of very smart engineers decades ago.

P.S. I don't personally believe it is any form of BS to tell someone you can't guarantee service off your network. No ISP will offer that.

If you want guaranteed on-network speed, even that is insanely expensive. 1.5 Mbps can often cost hundreds a month guaranteed.


Calgary, AB

That was well worded ravenchilde, thank you.

Once CanadaPost hands a letter to be delievered to Australia Post to be delivered in Australia, CanadaPost can't any make guarentees for how it gets handled or if it gets lost.
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.




here you can switch from Shaw to get these great deal, free TV. WOW. you can;'t get that from Shaw. cheap bast---s.


Calgary, AB

Thats absolutely right, I can't get a 3 year contract from Shaw.


reply to bucko2012

Believe me, that TV isn't free. You are paying for it over your contract. It's probably also the cheapest Samsung model they can get.

I'm personally very desensitized to contracts. People seem to really like them.