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reply to CRTC

Re: Beat them at their own game!

said by CRTC :

CRTC = Canadians let Rogers Take Control.

The only way around this craziness is for all Canadians to band together by starting the first Non-profit ISP Co-operative. All registered members would own the ISP and all members would get unlimited service for cost + 5%. All profits go back into the co-op to improve service. The entire system is run by volunteer members to keep our costs down. Would work exactly the same way non-profit co-op housing does. Would you be willing to give a few hours of your time every month to keep your own ISP running, in exchange for the lowest cost possible for unrestricted use? I would! Anyone want to start the first non-profit ISP Co-op in Canada? I'm in!

I could put about 1000 issues on the table with this but i don't want to be a "silly nanny".
"Recognize, Realize, and Repent"