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NyQuil Kid
8f The Nyquil Kid

Brick, NJ
reply to MarvinsMagic

Re: Brick,NJ- Verizon Fios availability?

FiOS is available right up to Cedar Bridge Road, which is off of Mantoloking Road. Cedar Bridge Road appears to be the demarcation line for now. I live off of Van Zile Road and know that area is NOT wired for FiOS.
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Howell, NJ
there is fios avail on chambers bridge between like shop rite and the high school. based on franchise agreements with the state vz is supposed to build out the entire state. but like the new york agreement im sure there is a way for them to wiggle out of it. so dont get your hopes up


New York, NY
No, they are not required to build out the state of New Jersey. Only specific townships. The agreement was the state opened up as one entity for the build, not a full build out agreement.


Howell, NJ
Have you actually seen the agreement. If you have i would like to see it. would need to pass this on to the union

Light Guy

Somerville, NJ
said by nyrrule27:

Have you actually seen the agreement. If you have i would like to see it. would need to pass this on to the union

The Union could probably pass this info on to you, and the general public should be able to get the info from their Nj State Legislative Representative.
In NJ Verizon did not attempt to negotiate individual TV franchises, so in the beginning Data and Telephone were all that was available. The Statewide TV Franchise had some stipulations

It`s been awhile since I viewed it
Municipal Buildings within a Fios area receive free basic TV and Internet

The build out has to do with Municipalities over a certain population, this would apply to Urban area like Newark and Jersey City.
Also I believe it covered County Seats as well, as long as they are currently served by Verizon.
There was a date which I am sure has already passed in which Verizon was to start 'fibering' these areas.