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San Diego, CA

Slow VPN speeds on fast connection

I'm having trouble with slow VPN connections that has me stumped.
I'm running on a 20Mb/s down, 2Mb/s up time warner cable connection that runs fairly reliably at those speeds according to speed tests.

For over year, I've used as my VPN provider using OpenVPN on a 10Mb/s unlimited line with no speed problems at all. Then a few weeks ago (hard to pinpoint when), my VPN speeds dropped to abysmal levels (.5Mb/s down, .3Mb/s up - yes the decimal is intended).
This is frustratingly consistent. If I disconnect the VPN and speed test my connection, I'll get the full 20Mb/s,2Mb/s.

I've tested this consistently on my desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone. I've even tried connecting to the VPN over a Tmobile connection (this was done to try to eliminate Time Warner and my dd-wrt router from the potential causes).

So I thought that maybe was to blame until I tried today against multiple servers and still get the same slow behavior. It almost seems as though something's throttling connections to Sweden or thereabouts or maybe a bad transatlantic link - I'm stumped and so is prq.

I have to admit that I don't know how to debug this further i.e. what tools to use to see where potential slow downs are etc...
Any help would be appreciated.

Generally speaking, without access to TWC and prq's infrastructure, there's very little you can troubleshoot.

Do you have another destination within Sweden you can test your speeds with? Off the top of my head,
iperf or similar's your best bet, but that would only test what your (theoretical) maximum speed should
be. Again, without access to the underlying network infrastructure your traffic's traversing, it's no different
than when your mail gets handed off to a 3rd party to handle -- it's out of yours and the original carrier's hands.

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