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Looking to become a new ISP

Hello All,

I am looking to become a new internet service provider. It seems like a long and arduous process especially in regards to becoming a TPIA with Rogers.

Can someone please explain the major differences between becoming a DSLSP for Bell and a TPIA for Rogers?

Also what are the costs associated with creating a Transmission Facility?

Any help would really be appreciated!



Give me $250K and i'll consult you in the difference between DSL and Cable.

Since your ambition to be the next big white-label reseller, for $50K more I'll create a botnet for you to spam the forums about how great you are. This will attract attention to your next great big reselling company.


Montreal, QC
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I was there in the early days and it was mostly a matter of acquiring a few modems, landlines, and a T1. Not anymore, and given you're asking this question here, Shrug isn't completely off the mark. There isn't a "Setting up a TPIA FAQ" available.

I think you'd be better off considering a TPIA reseller program such as the one offered by TekSavvy. Then it's a matter of being able to sell your service to prospective customers. You'll save yourself a lot of hurdles but I wouldn't expect such a venture to be extremely lucrative.


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Better invest in your own fiber lines.. like google fiber
Expand your moderator at work


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Re: Looking to become a new ISP

Why would you be starting a business you know nothing about?

I hope you didn't put "ask for tips on a Internet message forum", as part of a business plan you presented to a bank.


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I forgot.
For only $25K, i'll hook you up with this guy:
»Beat them at their own game!

Consider it a finders fee.