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[Need Info] RCN in the upper west side - Harlem

I'm on 110th and central park west and my building has rcn. Right now my only two options are rcn or verizon dsl.

I appreciate verzon dsl consistency in speeds as advertised, never have any problems, but they speeds as advertised are kinda slow (15/0.84mbps)

I was looking to get RCN at 50/6 or even 75/10. I've never owned cable internet before or even from RCN. I don't know what to expect. If I expect advertised speeds at 90% of the time regardless of time in my building/neighborhood would I be disappointed?

All RCN packages at their speeds seem to be way cheaper than Verizon fios or time warner cable.

if I'm forgetting an ISP in NYC/Manhattan please let me know so I can see if it's available to me

Also what taxes and extra fees add up to when paying for RCN internet?

cant beat $34.99 for 50meg service with no tax!!


But would I consistently get 50mb down and 6mb up with RCN? Their price seems too good to be true

even 75/10 for 59.99 seems too good to be true