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·Montrose Mutual

How to tell if a tower is for wireless internet?


At some point in time during the last year a tower was put up ~7.5 miles from my home (I just noticed it -_- ). How can I tell if it's for wireless internet and who owns it?

I believe I found a bit of info on it while Google'ing:
(Lat: xxxx Lon: -xxx), Type: Tower, Structure height: 91 m, Overall height: 96 m, Call Sign: REMOVED
Assigned Frequencies: 935.500 MHz, 936.462 MHz, 937.487 MHz, 937.925 MHz
Grant Date: 09/17/2003, Expiration Date: 09/22/2013, Certifier: Gerald Bednar
Registrant: Troutman Sanders LLP, 401 9th Street, Nw, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20004-2134, Phone: (202) 274-2927, Fax: (202) 654-5677, Email: raymond.kowalski@troutmansanders.com

Anyone know what those frequencies are used for?

*Note I live nowhere near Washington, DC I think that's just who built/set up the tower.


Siren, WI
Well, those frequencies are in the licensed band, so those specific antennas are probably for some sort of paging or SCADA communication. Doesn't necessarily mean that there aren't WISP antennas on it, though. If you can take a decent picture of the antennas, I'm guessing a few people here might be able to give you a better answer.


·Montrose Mutual
Thanks for the reply. I think your right it's not to fair from a large company and I can only see one large round dish on it.

I called the local WISP's providers (3 of them) none of them had a tower within range of me. One was nice to told me a cell phone tower (ether 3.5 or ~8 miles away not sure which one is their tower) will be upgrading it's tower to 4G within a few months and suggested I try them.

»www.cellular1.net/plandetails.as ··· wireless - eh worth a try.