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Re: Does Bell screws its reseller's customers?

Right now your internet is using ADSL, which is served from the central office AKA the CO, CO's are usually far from your house and because the length of the copper has to go a long distance your speed drops dramatically.

Any of the new tiers use either ADSL2 or VDSL2, these protocols are served from a remote and remotes are usually within 1 km at most from your house and because of this the speeds they support are much higher than what you can get from the central office.

The term "up to" is used by the broadband industry for residential internet because they do not provide any guarantee of service reliability or speed, so as long as you have a working connection and are able to access the internet they are providing you with service and legally their is nothing that you can do.


The new Bell 5/1Mbps speed profile is using the newer ADSL2 protocols and are being served from a remote.