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Hilo, HI
reply to Blackbird

Re: Opera Browser v 12.13 has been revoked !

said by Blackbird:

Update: Opera 12.13 has been revoked because of crash looping. Opera 12.14 is in Release Candidate stage (including a hoped-for fix for the crash-looping), with final expected within a couple of days if all goes well. If you download/update Opera at the moment, you will get 12.12 instead of 12.13.

Hmm...I've had it since Jan 30 with ZERO problems on Windows 8 Pro MC. I don't use Facebook but I have had no crashes....I installed it on top of 12.12 and it works fine. In fact, Opera mail seems better in this version. It doesn't have a memory leak either. Fx is the one with the memory problem (as always). I use Fx more than Opera but I have used Opera enough since Jan 30 to know that12.13 is completely stable for me. I was surprised to read the problems with it in this thread as it seems one of the better versions to me.

I hope I don't get messed up with 12.14 since 12.13 was revoked. I usually install on top.
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