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reply to Blackbird

Re: Interesting Article About Kaspersky

said by Blackbird:

My "tunnel vision," as you call it, has been shaped by having been a "Cold Warrior" for a fair number of years.

Fair enough, then your opinion is a legitimate one, and to be honest, I've enjoyed your comments extensively here, so will say no more.

However, while it might sound like I was having a dig, it was an attempt to highlight programming etc of all nations and work ethics and the software of any company in any country. You could also say the same about tradesmen too, they are good or bad, or somewhere in between, how do you know without experience or knowledge on these.

Still it was quite a good write up all the same, and I enjoyed it, and will have a more in-depth read later.

Cheers for the post John.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke