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Bremen, IN
reply to droosk

Re: [CenturyTel] High pings and jitter - Phoenix

Northern Indiana here. Pay roughly $70/month for 4mbps down. Past 18 months or so, between 3pm-1am, connection is pretty much useless for today's "normal" use. When the connection is fine - »speedtest.net/result/2478910289.png and when the connection is bad - »speedtest.net/result/2434047136.png Just some examples. Took 12 months for CL to admit the bandwidth exhaustion. Each call to tech support, get told the Estimated Time of Resolution has been pushed back over and over again. Find it a bit hard to believe it takes 6 months to install new Remote Terminals or replace old equipment but I guess I'm wrong.

My question to those experiencing similar connection issues, does it happen around the same time every day or is it at random? If around same time every day, would guess same as here, bandwidth exhaustion. if so, good luck getting them to admit to it. Like I stated previously, took 12 months of dozens of calls each month till they finally owned up to what was wrong.