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Re: ZyXEL NBG-416N firmware v5.00 & v6.00 unstable on PPPoE -fix

ARE you saying that 40Mhz is usually used on 5GHz but it can be used with 2.4 to boost the range on N wireless... at the detriment of other 2.4 networks ?

Sorry but I',m not clear on this at all !



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40Mhz is used to increase the speed.

Problem is that 2.4Ghz is very polluted ie plenty of devices.
And with 40Mhz you are asking to double the bandwidth, which you usually do not have available in the 2.4GHhz area.

2.4Ghz got 3 none overlapping channels and you are basically asking to use 2 of those 3.

5Ghz got lots more channels, I do not remember the exact number, but there 40Mhz works better.

EDIT : 23 Channels in 5Ghz

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