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Anyone surprised? We don't even have smartchip CC like Europe and Asia-Pac, as it would confuse the consumer too much.

These are the same consumers who now pay over $100 for a substandard North American cell service, so its not surprising.

Until Apple dumbs it down enough and calls it iWallet, they will not get it.

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Tulsa, OK
I prefer to use my credit card like a debit card. Don't want to be tied to a cell service this way.
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reply to Telco
said by Telco:

Anyone surprised? We don't even have smartchip CC like Europe and Asia-Pac, as it would confuse the consumer too much.

What's confusing? I'd suggest it's a chicken/egg thing. Until more vendors accept these payment services and consumers start seeing these forms of payment in action, there won't be an uptick in use. Apple can offer an "iWallet" all it wants, but the infrastructure needs to be in place to accept the payments. Right now, that's spotty at best in populated areas.


Bronx, NY
reply to Majestik
That is the real reason why so many Americans don't want this. Must people don't want to be tied to a service on regards to monthly payments using your credit card. Even in Japan they prefer cash then to use credit cards. Except for public transportation where their use the Suika and Pasmo cards .

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reply to Telco
I have ZERO desire to act like other clueless idiots in the world who think that having a digital wallet is a good idea, or otherwise some sort of "revolution who's time has come"... I'm sorry, but I'll say it now, if anyone thinks a digital wallet is a good thing, then you're a bigger idiot that once thought.

Time has showed us that when you put things in the digital world, you're only giving access to those who want to steal your stuff. Have your identity stolen just one time to understand. But no.. the kids of today are going to be the ones that push this pig over the edge and encourage such stupidity. I just wish that we could establish a law that gives NO protection to those who use such devices to store their money and important credit/debit cards. Hell, the merchants and banks themselves can't even keep our information safe.. all we need are idiots wandering around with payment data in their phones driving up the cost of banking and fees for the rest of us to compensate.

I as a merchant won't even entertain accepting this as a form of payment.. ever!