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Superior, WI

at will employment...

I thought New York was "at will" employment, meaning that the firings were justified, because the employer can fire at any time, for any reason, regardless of union status. Seriously, if it were my business, i would fire all the union workers, and hire non-union workers, and be done with them. These idiots need to be happy they even have a job in this economy, and quit biting the hand that feeds. Sure, the pay isnt that good, but you install cable, get over yourselves. You have a job, be happy with it. it pisses me off to no end to see these union employees spiting their employer, and not even appreciating the fact that they have a job, and it probably pays better than it should, but no, instead, they always want more. Unions had their purpose, they had a reason, even up till 5 years ago. Now, unions are showing more and more that they are just greedy. Fire them all, i say. If they are so unhappy with their job, tell them to go find another one.


So these "idiots" that "install cable, get over it" should come to your house and act like the idiots they are, right?

Im mean if you say to them "youre not leaving until i can get on the internet" they should tell you, well sir all the lights are on on the modem so call your computer repair guy, if you have one?

You shouldnt belittle people so easily