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Lavalette, WV
reply to Morac

Re: PB is irrelevant

Powerboost may be irrelevant, but they still need to offer faster upload speeds.

Those who are content creators, like me (and others), who upload multiple 30-minute videos to YouTube, would appreciate the higher upload - therefore leading to less wait for all the videos to go up.

This would really help me, since even though I have a dedicated uploading computer, because I still have to wait 8 hours for the first of 5-6 videos to be up and I have to do this at night.

Most ISPs offer *only* 1Mbps upload speed, or 3Mbps or 5Mbps. At my location, no one offers higher than 1Mbps, unless you buy ultra-expensive fiber Internet (which is not offered for my house, only for my business location).

[Of course, I can't upload on my business location, because this is not on company time, because I create content for others' entertainment, fun, and myself.]