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Waterford, MI

"Shocked?" Really?

From the Forbes article:
I am shocked that CBS would ban a spot for being too competitive. But I’m even more shocked that the advertising world isn’t up in arms about it.

Where have you been all these years the dominant "news" media has been meddling with the "news" the public sees and hears? It goes on even today. Where's the outrage? You're concerned about an advert for a soft drink product, but nary a whisper about how the public, and, thus, law are swayed by the same people?

Seems you have your priorities just a bit wrong, to me.


Squire James
I'm actually more concerned about the way the "big three" actually edit things to make them sound different than the context suggested.

George Zimmerman's 911 call, for instance, strongly suggested that Zimmerman was the first person to bring up race in the call, making him sound racist. The question from the 911 operator (basically "Is the person you're following white or black?") that he was answering was oh-so-conveniently edited out.

Now, he could really be a racist, but that's not the network's call to make! I don't really agree with the idea of releasing 911 calls that may well be used as evidence in a trial at all, but if they are released the network should at least have the decency not to edit them!