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Toronto, ON

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reply to hk2533

Re: Forum Registration?

That is not what happen to me, here is what they send me. Asked me for my parent consent and mail them back the print copy or fax them -- I faxed them, the fax number is never working -- incredible customer services indeed for simple registration.
That would happened as I said before, if you clicked on the wrong link for your age. Or you were in fact a young person.

To continue with the registration procedure please tell us when you were born.

Before 12 Feb 2000 :: On or after 12 Feb 2000


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reply to hk2533
Your account is active Username hk2533 which you registered under.

Google acanac forum and see yourself how bad the review of this acanac has become..
Google anything and you will find it

»Suggestions for use of this forum
Expand your moderator at work


reply to Fergless

Re: WOW You HAVE to CHECK This EXPERIENCE Out------Not GOOD----

said by Fergless:

said by binarg:

I am on board, brother )

Here is my post:

»Help with Acanac's refusal to refund modem fee

and there are quite a few people with the same or similar issue as me.

At the moment, I am waiting my AmEx to get back to me regarding charge dispute; if it doesn't work, Small claims it is...

I want my money back, ALL of it not just for the modem...

Didn't I ask if you wanted help with this on the Acanac Forum?
I'm pretty sure I did and you didn't reply.

Sorry Fergless, as soon as I sort it out with AmEx I will give you a shout...

Although at this point, I'd prefer Small Claims...

With dash of the Media (Social and otherwise).

If I write realistically negative review about my long term experience with Acanac, will you still be willing to help?

Just rhetorical question


reply to saynotofk
I just had a similar experience:

»Acanac Cable Internet - SERVICE ISSUES FOR 5 MONTHS

Let me know if you start that website...


Seems like my thread has been hijacked and lost in the shuffle. Still no 28mbps after 16 months

Well I could be wrong but after all the frustration and playing tech it guy for 4 months, still not getting 28 Mb. To top it all off seems like they cut my connection tonight. I'm not jumping the gun yet, but if this is true Acanac sure picked the wrong guy to do this to. I'll tell you why in days to come.
Cat got your tongue Fergless.

Toronto, ON
said by "saynotofk" :
Cat got your tongue Fergless.
No ... I have no idea what's going on with your account.
I do know there were cable outages recently, could be that I guess.

I would suggest you check with support for whatever issue you are having.

Thank you.


I'm gonna give that a shot. Thanks

Its confirmed Acanac after almost 5 months of not getting me 28mbps and after helping them with ever IT question in the book, has disconnected my connection. Now we can't fix the problem at all because of the disconnection. I have been with Acanac from 2007 I believe.

YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nepean, ON
reply to saynotofk
said by saynotofk:

still not getting 28 mbps
even with all the changes and requests they have made
i cant believe someone cant figure this out
is 15 months not long enough?

Not sure what kind of test you have done so I may be repeating some of the steps.

Have you ruled out your house cabling as a possible issue? I find it funny that after so many modems you still are have the same issue. Have you tried connecting directly to the Rogers feed coming to your house? Tried different patch cables?

When Rogers checked the signal, where did they take their reading?