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North York, ON

Any tips for Rogers to Start?

Hey folks,

just pulled the trigger and did an online order for Start cable internet with a disconnect date of the 19th so I can get the $50 waived. So the question now is when do I approach Rogers and ask for a disconnect of my current Rogers internet, I just recently dropped cable TV altogether so this last service will free me of Rogers completely... so I doubt they will be kind enough to provide me an exact disconnect date of the 19th...

...so what do I do to prevent or at least minimize my internet down time?

Thanks FredT

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Ottawa, ON
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are you going to use a different modem then what you're currently using with Rogers? When is your Start activation date? If you set your Start activation date to be before the 19th for your Rogers disconnect then there shouldn't be any down time at all, both services can/will run at the same time. If your Start service becomes active before the 19th too, you can return/cancel your Rogers service earlier and save a bit too. By simply returning the modem to a Rogers store they will set your cancel date to that day.

If the start and end date of both services are on the same day, there is some risk you'll be offline for a day or a few hours, you can avoid this by trying to change the dates of both to overall by 1-3 days but I'm not sure if any of providers can do that, if any it's likely Rogers that can extend your service for a few days.


North York, ON
yes. I am renting a new modem from Start for now and will be returning the Rogers one.

My Start activation date is the 19th.

So basically I can wait till my Start service is active and then on that day I can simply go to a rogers store to return my cable modem and cancel on the spot without a prior call to Rogers?


reply to FredPlex
I think you need to have your disconnect date and your activation date to be the same day to be eligible for the free transfer - but Rocca will certainly correct me if I'm wrong.

If so, you'll need to call Rogers and cancel - they'll require 30 days notice. Then you'll need to reschedule your Start activation to the same day.

London, ON
That's correct, we won't be able to process the transfer until Rogers has a disconnect order from you - ie if that isn't in then you'll likely get a call from us in a day or two after the order is rejected because "no pending disconnection". Best bet would be to call Rogers now and get that disconnect in ASAP, if that changes the date you want with us then just let us know and we can request an alternate date. Thanks and have a great day.


North York, ON
got it thanks! Calling Rogers now...


rocca, don't mean to hijack this thread, but just to confirm, do you have to transfer over on the same day with Rogers to get the $50 discount? Or can you set up your stop date with Rogers first (with 30 days notice) and then using that date set up a date with Start say a few days earlier to have it provisioned earlier so there is no down time? I do have a new modem to be used for Start that is different than the Rogers one. I just want to make sure I understand the $50 discount on transfers.

Start Laurie
London, ON
If you have a new modem to use you can co-ordinate it earlier than your stop date. Thanks!