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reply to Bill00

Re: Recommend a 4G WiMax Antenna?

said by Bill00:

said by fred_132453 :

...the connector that attaches to the modem is so loose that it just falls out from time to time...

I'm not familiar with your specific equipment but it appears to me that the first thing you need to get sorted out is your connectivity.

Without a good, solid physical and electrical connection, I doubt you will ever get your system to work right. Were it me, that is the FIRST thing I would look into...

Best of luck.


thanks for response. its this antenna:


and they(Cellgear - USA) claim its approved by verizon, sprint, alltel, etc. and supposedly its designed to fit Sierra modems. i got this thing in the mail and i thought it was a joke. paid $35 for what looks like a cheap POS one dollar knock-off from China. and if i look at the signal thru Sprint SmartView it just doesn't change no matter whether i plug it in or not or even remove the antenna from the area, just doesn't do anything. signal strength is -80 to -84