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Chicago, IL
reply to magdoll

Re: [Connectivity] DPC 3010 firmware swap

So, it took a week. But I beat the system.

I attempted to self-install and unfortunately it failed.

So I call them up on Tuesday January 29th and exactly as fattie said, they tried a few different ways to provision my used, originally COX, but now loaded with RCN's firmware modem but were ultimately unsuccessful. I did identify the modem to them as a DPC3008 but gave them the correct MAC and S/N. That person elevated the ticket to Tier 2 and said they would be contacting me within 72 hours.

Friday I called them back because no one had contacted me, this person assured me Tier 2 was unnecessary, he could fix my problem. After a half hour on the phone, he was unable to free the modem from the walled garden and said Tier 2 would be in contact with me but on average it takes about 48 hours.

So, last night, I decide to try chat this time. Just simply posing the question "When Tier 2 contact me? It has been a week." This person identified the bootfile on the modem as being incorrrect. He asked me to hold the reset button on the back of the modem to reset it so the bootfile could get pushed to it. I did and finally I had a working DPC3010 on Comcast's network.

As of right now, it's still running RCN's d3000-v302r125553-120411a.bin Will that change? I don't know... Honestly at this point I am just happy to have service.