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reply to John Galt

Re: Interesting Article About Kaspersky

Thanks for that.

If anyone hasn't seen Kubrick's wonderful Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, I recommend it. Then re-read the articles ESPECIALLY after watching the actor portray Comrade Ambassador Sadesky (He'll see the big board!).

IMHO, Never, ever, trust a russian. Especially in these times (Putin ex-KGB, AntiUS rhetoric with adoptions, etc...).

"..registered holdings in Great Britain in 2006..." Um, he does realize that it was a British Bank that the US held accountable for laundering money with terrorists..right? And the banker was extremely arrogant toward US "three letter" organizations. Don't forget the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko...in Britain...

"three largest security companies...Symantec, Kapersky, McAfee.." I would hardly call them that since they are the first ones that fail at protecting where the little guys don't. And the three bloatwares (resource hogging, higher false-positives...).

About FLAME...I think being first isn't always about security and more about bragging rights. Commercial-extortion when it comes to finding it first, leveraging security services to companies, at a price...

Our mission to fight cybercrime...(something missing here, oh yeah, russian mafia--you can steal from all but the homeland-never from your own.) Seeing that much start in the Ukraine, and other former soviet blocs... you could be technically correct.

Yeah, how about getting those outspoken girl band members out of the gulag. I mean, if you are that sincere about freedom and security, those girls were punished the KGB way...

I like Wired. it's not investigative journalism like Washington Post was...but its more entertaining than someone with a personal agenda...