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The wings of love
Union, NJ
reply to Ripper

Re: [Speed] Is this config BLAST! ?

said by Ripper:

In my area, (speedtier_c01.cm), is Blast. I have Blast 25/4 and that is my config file name.

FWIW, I've always had Blast and even though it is now 50/10 my config file name always looked like this in my area;

d11_m_ [******] _speedtierextreme2_c01.cm

* denotes modem model number.

From what I've seen, historically you can't put much credence in Comcast's naming convention for their boot files... There never seems to be any consistency in what they are supposed to represent...

Also bear in mind that these days the config file doesn't really directly control the rate caps at the modem level any longer. The config files now point the modem to a certain class of service / rate cap which is now configured / controlled at the CMTS level. They basically can make the config file name anything they like. It proves nothing.